The Story Behind the Boathouse

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In Recipe for Success, Boxerbrand sit’s down and talks with the people behind the success of restaurants all over the world!

This past week, we had the amazing opportunity to be one of them.

The article tells the riveting story of Larry Smith about how an initial no discovered an undeniable opportunity and turned into the amazing success it is today.

As the owner/operator of Greentech Lawn and Irrigation and The Waterfront Restaurant, the Smith Family was no new comer to the business world; however, it was Smith’s deep ties to the Troy Community that initially brought the opportunity before him.

After saying no many times, Smith finally agreed to look at the location and throw together his vision for the Boathouse.

The 1946 era boathouse looked more like a shipwreck than a treasure trove when Smith first laid eyes on it. “But I saw an opportunity.”

Smith’s brother and son Phil and Ron both posses Culinary degrees and were eager to help. On November 7, 2016, despite the challenges, the Boathouse finally opened and has grown into the success that it is today.

Click here to read the full article. “The Man at the Helm of Treasure Island Dining Jewel” by Susan Salk.