Troy Mayor Mike Beamish and the City of Troy wanted to see Treasure Island Park in Troy revived. Conceived and funded by Hobart Brothers Co. and led by Edward and William Hobart, Treasure Island and Marina opened in 1946.  The Boathouse was the center of activities including boat races, water skiing, family outings, dances, and boat shows. Taking advantage of the natural attraction on the Great Miami River, the Smith family was presented with the opportunity to create a dining establishment that would be complimentary to the destination venue that has been developed by the city leadership.

The Smith family has long time ties to the Troy community as well as a strong resume in the restaurant and business community. It started in Cleveland in the mid 1960’s when Ron Smith, Sr. began designing restaurants for the Stouffer Family. With his knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment, he was asked to move to Troy and work for Hobart Corporation. His dream was to someday own a restaurant of his own in Hawaii. That dream started in 1974, as one of the original partners of the Brewery Restaurant. After passing away at the early age of 55, the dream was kept alive by his wife Donna, and the Smith sons. The decision was made to open a restaurant in Maui called The Waterfront Restaurant, which became a successful destination restaurant for 23 years. Wanting to stay with the original purpose and history of the building, it was decided to be called the Boathouse Restaurant. Smiths’ Boathouse Restaurant offers a superior service experience with an excellent selection of seafood and steaks, as well as other unique and special offerings.

The Smith family wants to thank you for joining us. We hope to create a wonderful dining experience that you will remember, share with others, and return to enjoy again soon.